Cook Mint, Drink the Liquid, and Get Rid of These Problems

Introducing Mint: A Natural Elixir for Common Ailments

If you're in search of a nature-made solution for common health issues, mint might just be your answer. This delightful herb, which is often spotted in our meals and drinks, boasts of multiple health-related advantages. Consuming mint in the form of a tea can assist in solving digestive problems, aid in maintaining oral hygiene, and can even elevate your spirits. Let's embark on this journey of preparing this basic remedy and understanding its wonders.

Preparing the Mint Magic


  • Fresh mint leaves—a handful, or 1 tablespoon if using dried mint
  • Two cups of water
  • Optional: Honey—for taste enhancement
  • Optional: Lemon—for a twist in flavor


  1. Preparing the Mint

Start off by thoroughly cleaning the fresh mint leaves. If you've chosen dried mint, amount it to approximately one tablespoon.

  1. Boiling the Water

Heat up 2 cups of water until it reaches boiling point in a pot of medium size.

  1. Incorporating the Mint

Once the water boils, introduce the fresh or dried mint leaves to the pot. Decrease the heat and allow the mint to simmer for about 5-10 minutes. This process infuses the beneficial properties and essential oils of mint into the water.

  1. Straining the Infusion

After the simmering process, evacuate the pot from the heat source and give it some time to cool down. Strain this liquid concoction into a cup, and discard the mint remnants.

  1. Customizing with Honey and Lemon (Optional)

If you wish, you can additionally add a spoonful of honey to the infusion for a hint of sweetness and a little quantity of lemon juice to enhance its flavor and vitamin C content. Ensure to blend them well.

  1. Savor the Magic

Consume the warm mint tea at a relaxed pace. For noticeable effects, it's recommended to drink this tea once or twice a day.

Understanding the Mint Magic

1. Mint: Mint is recognized for its possession of calming and revitalizing traits. It includes menthol, which aids in unwinding the digestive tract muscles, thereby easing ailments like bloating, indigestion, and winds. Mint also exhibits antibacterial traits that help in keeping your breath fresh and curbing oral bacteria. Moreover, mint's aroma has proven to decrease stress levels and pep up your mood.

The Advantage of Mint Tea:

  • Tackles Digestive Disturbances: Mint tea can be a rescue for unsettled stomachs, help in getting rid of indigestion and reducing bloating and gas problems.
  • Refreshes Breath: The antibacterial nature of mint assists in eliminating mouth bacteria causing foul breath.
  • Impacts Stress and Anxiety: Mint tea due to its calming properties can reduce stress, uplift your spirits and become an excellent stress-busting concoction.
  • Strengthens Immune System: Mint is a powerhouse of vitamins and antioxidants, promoting a strong immune system and shielding from common diseases.
  • Eases Headaches: The component menthol in mint can aid in soothing tension headaches and migraines.

Basking in Mint Magic—Additional Advice:

  • Opt for Fresh Mint: Fresh mint leaves give the best flavor and health benefits.
  • Hydration is Key: Stay hydrated by consuming sufficient water throughout the day to support overall health.
  • Experience it Your Way: Mint tea can be relished hot or cold. For preparing iced mint tea, allow the tea to cool down and serve it with ice.

Closing Thoughts

Mint tea, a humble yet effective natural remedy, is equipped to ease numerous common health complications. From calming down digestive upsets to keeping your breath fresh and easing stress, this versatile beverage could be an excellent addition to your daily regimen. Try out this simple recipe and bask in the refreshing and healing properties of mint. Here's to enhanced health and well-being!

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